Branching Out: Why You Should Keep Trying New Hairdressing Supplies

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Just balancing clients is quite enough of a job in and of itself - but if you're a professional hairdresser, especially an independent not working out of a salon, then you'll know that your job doesn't begin and end with the scissors and the styling.  Far from it.  You'll spend as much time answering calls, booking appointments, purchasing supplies and managing your finances as you will seeing clients.  That can make any additional tasks feel like they're pushing you over the line - and anything you can do to save time feels like a godsend.  However, one way you definitely shouldn't be cutting time is in evaluating new products.  Here's why.

Quality Service

Your tried-and-true products may serve you well, but that doesn't mean there aren't better ones out there.  Continuing to test out and try different brands and products will allow you to make sure you're offering your clients the absolute best in quality - and not making your job harder than it has to be.  Equally, shopping around and trying different products may result in lowered costs.  With profit margins ever tightening, this is a bonus that shouldn't be ignored.

Minimise Stress

If you're only used to using one brand, you may run into difficulty if you are ever unable to replace it - either temporarily, or if the product line is discontinued.  Ensuring you're able to work with a diverse range of brands means that running out needn't make you pull your hair out.  It's simply a matter of switching smoothly to one of your alternates. 

Maintaining Expertise

Even though the core skills involved in hairdressing stay the same, different techniques and trends are always emerging - as you well know, having to keep abreast of all of them!  However, the same can be said of products.  Keeping up with product trends and popular new brands means that you'll be able to give the best, most reasoned opinion possible if your client - or a fellow hairdresser - asks for a product recommendation.  Having that professional, broad range of knowledge can only assist your reputation, even if your skills already speak for themselves.

In short, while it may be frustrating to get to grips with new products at first, you'll soon get used to trying them out.  You don't need to use new things all the time, either - just enough that you know exactly where you are in the market, and what else is available.  That way you can be confident you're delivering the best possible service, and paying a reasonable amount for your hairdressing supplies.


23 August 2017

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