3 Bridal Makeup Tips For Achieving That Flawless Look

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Every bride wants to look flawless on her big day, and makeup that's applied well can ensure your skin tone appears even, your eyes look bright and your cheeks have a healthy glow. However, there are several key differences between everyday makeup application and bridal makeup. For example, on your big day, your wedding makeup artist needs to create a look that will carry you through from your daytime ceremony to your evening reception, and your bridal makeup will have to look good in your wedding photos, so contouring, lighting and wedding party colour schemes all have to be taken into consideration when your makeup artist creates your look. Here are a few bridal makeup tips that will help you achieve a flawless look on your wedding day:

Plan A Trial Run

To ensure you're happy with your makeup, have a trial run a few weeks before your wedding. This will allow you to discuss adjustments with your makeup artist if there's anything you're not completely happy with. When you have your trial run, you should aim to create the same conditions your makeup artist will have to work with on your wedding day. For example, if you're going to have fake tan applied for your wedding, you should have it applied for your makeup trial, too. A change in skin tone can completely alter how your makeup looks, and your makeup artist will have to change shades and colour palettes at the last minute if you have darker skin on your wedding day. Additionally, you should wear a top that's the same colour as your wedding dress when you have your makeup trial. This will allow you to see how your makeup looks against that colour.

Don't Overshadow Your Dress

Your wedding dress is the centrepiece of your look, and opting for bold makeup can take the focus away from the dress. Instead, concentrate on enhancing your natural beauty and highlighting your features. Aim for cheeks that have a healthy glow, soft lips, feathery eyelashes, even brows and skin that looks natural and smooth. Light, matte shades are ideal when aiming for a natural look, as they give your skin a healthy appearance, cover blemishes and photograph well, even if your photographer needs to use their flash.

Decide What Level Of Maintenance You Want

To help your makeup artist create your perfect look, you should also consider whether you want to spend time retouching your makeup during your wedding day. Are you happy to top-up your lipstick and reapply your mascara after the ceremony, or do you want to be able to forget about your makeup once it's applied? This will help your makeup artist choose suitable products for you. For example, cream eyeshadows set better than powder eyeshadows, and lip stain won't transfer to glasses or fade during the day the way lip gloss does.

These are just a few tips to take into consideration when planning your bridal makeup. Work with your makeup artist and be clear about the look you'd like to achieve and what statement you want your makeup to make. Show them photos of your dress, the wedding party outfits and your flowers to allow them to create a look that complements both you and the style of your wedding.  


16 August 2017

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