3 Courses Suitable For Mobile Beauty Practitioners

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If you're a beauty practitioner and want to develop your skills and increase the services you offer to your clients, there are several beauty courses you can complete around your existing work commitments. When choosing a course, you may want to consider learning a skill you can put to use in both your therapy room and a client's own home. This will give you more flexibility and allow you to reach the growing number of clients who want to enjoy a little pampering in their own home due to family commitments or time constraints.

If you're self-employed, it also makes sense to invest in beauty qualifications that can be put to use without the need for costly business premises. Here's an overview of three courses suitable for mobile beauty practitioners:


Completing a makeup course allows you to offer this service to clients in the evening when they are getting ready for a night out or travel to wedding venues and provide your services for the entire wedding party. There's more to completing a professional makeup course than learning how to apply mascara, so in addition to learning about the application of makeup based on a client's skin type and face shape, you'll learn how to use different types of brushes and how to colour match products. You'll also learn the key differences between daytime makeup and creating a glamourous evening look, hygiene considerations and potential contraindications.

Eyelash And Eyebrow Care

Even clients who aren't into treatments with bells and whistles attached typically like to keep their eyebrows neat and tidy. Completing an eyelash and eyebrow care course will allow you to offer waxing, threading and brow and lash tinting, which are services clients tend to have repeated every few weeks. In addition to learning how to create highly defined eyebrows that complement the natural shape of a client's eyes, you'll also learn how to apply and remove eyelash extensions and assess clients' skin for product suitability.  

Aromatherapy Massage

Investing in a portable massage table after completing an aromatherapy massage course will allow your clients to enjoy a massage in the comfort of their own homes. This can extend the benefits of their massage by allowing them to remain in a relaxed state for longer, rather than having to drive home.

You will learn how to use a variety of massage techniques, such as effleurage and petrissage, to reduce muscle tension and stiffness, improve muscle tone and encourage relaxation. You'll also learn about the benefits of using aromatherapy oils to work on a client's specific problems and how to apply oils safely. You could offer aromatherapy massage as a standalone treatment or as part of a bridal package along with makeup application and eyebrow shaping and tinting.

These are just a few of the beauty courses you can undertake that will allow you to work from a client's home or other venue. Some course providers offer discounts when you book more than one course, so check out your local beauty school's special offers.  


9 August 2017

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